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Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is the basis of our customisation services so We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality, coming up with in-trend and beyond designs.

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leather sofa

king size bed

ultra comfortable dining set

Our Services

New Furniture

We’re the manufacturer of variety of products including the furniture of home, offices, showrooms, shopping malls, industries, restaurants and many more…

Sofa Upholstery

We change places, houses, interiors and as we know change is only constant. According to our interiors we like to change our furniture too so our home look Best…

Sofa Repair

As we know furniture tell our taste, make us look classy and we invest alot on our furniture. But is it easy to invest again and again on furniture? If it…

Furniture Polishing

We spent half a day in our sofa. Watching TV, drinking, eating, sleeping mostly everything we do on our sofa. As the time passes leather or fabric…

Kitchen Furniture


Kitchen Trolley


Kitchen Sideboard


Kitchen Cabinet

About Us

We are passionate about our Business and our Brand...

We are into field of furniture since 2010 during which we used to deal with newly designed western furniture. Our products and services will be “best in class” in terms of value received for money paid. We expect our customers to select our products based on quality, service and price. we are working immensely on to stay aware with latest trends in furniture and help the customers to decorate their Homes.